the Preventure journey...

Preventure was created out of the realisation things should be done better to reduce the impact of workplace physical and psychological injuries on workers and the employers.

Despite all of the scientific research, technology and expertise available, workers are still sustaining avoidable injuries in the workplace, and employers are paying a premium price for injury and absence prevention services that have questionable effectiveness.

Inspired by the Ghandi quote “be the change you want to see” we set our course to create a company with the purpose of changing the way workplace injuries are prevented.

The first step was to gather a team of like minded people who shared a determination to improve the way physical and psychological injuries are prevented in the workplace.  Each an expert in their field, the team are driven by a deep level of personal pride in the work that they deliver.

The next step was to completely dismantle the current injury prevention processes offered to employers, and construct an innovate, biopsychosocial injury prevention model that can be imbedded in the operation of the workplace, and be effective at changing worker behaviour.

The final step was to road test the new model across a variety of industries to ensure optimal outcomes were achieved in the most effective way, in partnership with employers.

The Result

The first truely comprehensive and cost effective injury and absence prevention program available to employers.

Our Pursuit of Success

At the core of Preventure is a work ethic that has been refined through decades of working with elite athletes, where there is a constant pursuit of success.  Our work ethic is characterised by:

  • An understanding that optimal results come from optimal effort
  • A meticulous attention to detail
  • Performing the 1%ers- the small things that others don’t do that add up to provide the best performance
  • A continual search for greater effectiveness and more efficient methods to achieve results
  • Seeing weakness as an opportunity for growth
  • An ability to adapt to change
  • A deep level of personal pride associated with the quality or work delivered
  • Uncompromising pursuit of success!

Our Mission Statement

To partner with employers to improve the quality of life for their workers while reducing the cost impact of injuries and absence for employers.

Success to us is…

  • Value for money for our clients through setting and achieving KPIs
  • Creating sustainable change to injury and absence risks that adapt to the constantly changing workplace risks
  • Improved quality of life for the workers

What’s the story behind the flying canary logo?

The short answer is innovation. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and the use of canaries in coal mines was one of the first workplace health and safety innovations. In the early 1900’s workers would take a canary down the mine with them, and if it became distressed by the gasses in the mine, they knew that conditions were unsafe.

The flying canary is symbolic of the safe and healthy work environments supported by Preventure’s services.

Our Client Promise

To reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with workplace injury an absence through:

  • Embedding data analytics in all services to ensure a cost effective use of resources and demonstrate return on investment
  • Providing the most comprehensive services model available combining innovation and technology with experience and expertise