how we do it

Our injury and absence solution commences with an initial Diagnostic Report. We start by collecting as much information as possible. We ask questions and take measurements using wearable technology in order to accurately identify and quantify the physical, psychological and social injury and absence risks. These risks are then prioritised to ensure the program has maximal effect at reducing injury and absence costs. Outcome measures are defined, short and long term goals are set and predicted savings are calculated.

The information in the Diagnostic Report is then used to create an injury and absence prevention program that specifically targets the unique injury and absence risks for each work group. The program is delivered in nine week Service Modules, with each module targeting a different combination of injury and absence risks. The modules are delivered using a variety of different educational and training techniques and methods, in a manner that is minimally disruptive to the worksite operations. Individual and group based challenges are included to motivate workers, drive behaviour change and encourage teamwork.

At the end of each module a Performance Review is completed to measure the effectiveness of the Service Module, gauge progress against the program goals, and plan the following Service Module. The Performance Review not only serves to demonstrate value for money, but enables the program to adapt to the constantly changing injury and absence risks faced by the workers.

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