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The engineering rule of thumb dictates that a ten times improvement in performance requires entirely new approach, so that is what we have done.

Our approach to reducing employer’s injury and absence costs involves the fusion of data analytics and technology with experience and expertise to provide an innovative solution with a measurable outcome.

Data Analytics

The majority of the injury prevention services and the health / wellbeing programs currently available are supported by very little use, or very basic use of data analytics.  These programs may be driven by assumptions about risks, and may miss areas where the most costly injuries can be prevented, or where the biggest cause of absence can be addressed.

Our advanced data analytics not only ensures all injury and health / wellbeing risks can be identified and quantified with accuracy and validity, but it also predicts changes to injury risks and reductions in subsequent costs.  This data is embedded in all programs to ensure our clients get maximum value for every dollar spent on Preventure programs.


Preventure are industry leaders in the use of wearable technology and software platforms to measure the physical demands of work tasks and the physical capacity of workers.  We are experts at using these measurements to identify and quantify injury risks to then guide program content for maximal effectiveness.

Experience and Expertise

At the heart of Preventure is our team of experts who share the common passion for workplace health and safety.  We ensure all components of our programs have support from scientific research (evidence based practice) combined with industry expertise (practice based evidence) to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Return on Investment Focused Cost Structure

Preventure programs are tailored to meet the budget requirements of our clients.  All programs use measurable outcomes to demonstrate return on investment.


We change worker behaviour through a combination of education and training methods involving workshops, web-based content, gamification, smartphone technology, social networking with individual and team challenges.  Information is delivered to workers periodically, regardless of their location, providing regular reminders of the injury risks and methods to prevent injury.

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