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Workplace Injury Prevention

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Over a decade ago I was working with elite athletes, using wearable technology to prevent injuries and improve wellness and performance. Then my mother sustained a crippling back injury at work, and my career trajectory changed forever.


Scott Coleman, CEO & Founder, Preventure

Do You Need Us?

If you are working to reduce back, shoulder, or lower-limb musculoskeletal injuries across your workforce, you are in the right place. Our technology platform is:

• University validated, backed by Sports Science
• Co-designed by Safety Pros and Workers
• Easy to deploy, integrate and scale

University Validation 
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Flexible Subscriptions

“Professional Athletes wear small sensors to measure movement, avoid overload and prevent injury. Preventure is reducing workplace injuries using the same technology.”

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Our Technology Platform

Designed to capture clear insights, and inspire quick action

Wearable Sensors

Leased sensor hardware (one arm sensor, one back sensor, charge cables)

Data Collection App

iOS and Android app provides live feedback and safety training modules

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Data is immediately available in your dashboard for remote collaboration


Instant Sports Science biomechanics tips and automated worker training 

Affordable Wearable Technology and AI-Powered Smartphone Training Packages for Teams of all Sizes.

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Validation Partners